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now on fox 45 morning news. >> we live next door to a maryland state trooper, i guess3 you feel safe. >> a state trooper charggd with possesssng child pornography. what tips off investigaaors and why the trooper turned hiiself in. >> maayland ocial sscurity numbers exposeedon the internet. why safeguards didn't stop the security breach and how to find out if your identity ii safe.ú and place your bets! where thousands f marylanders are expected to lay down their money on table gaaes. good morning, it's tuesday, july 20th. you see the flag there blowing
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in an ever so slight breeze. all i felt was heat this morniig not so much breeze but we will see if that will be the case throughout the day. gooddmorning, i'm patrice harris. meteorologist steve fe fertig to ú%e us know if we can expect a >> we will get a 5-10-mile-an-hour uuts. >> that is nothing. >> not enough to cool you off. %-last hour in ballimore.y. dropped a degree or two. they will bounce back and start to limb toward the 90-ddgree high that we expecctto get to. to the west garrett county a little bit of activity. that is whht theestationary boundary will lie today. thh north and that will continue, again a better chance for this evening. we will talk about relief for the brief periid in terms of humidity value on thursday as the front moves further points
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south. generally this week it will e %-no real relief from the heat s we stay in the 90s. a thunderstorm possibleeand the heat index should be around mid-to upper 90s near 100 throughout the week as well. here is candace dold with a look at theetraffic edge, candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we have new trouble to talk ú%out at the inner belt loops of the beltwayyú weecan show you what the area looks like. take a look attthis the inner loop direction whill we're seeing the crews arrive. they just now got there and we're already dealing with a very lengtty delay leading all the way up towarddthe scene. situation. as you can see the cars are able to exit off at 40. ú%going to e a better option for you this morning as you do have to travel through the area. as far as the ooter loop lanes, they're looking good from 7953 toward 95, only an 11 minutt clip, right now 55 miles per hour. 95 is in the green through baltimore from the fort mchenry tunnel toward hee3
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beltwwy, same sseed an 8-minute drive there and on southbound 895, there's nothhng to get in the way from theeharbor tunnel down toward 95. 9 minutes, 54 miles per hour. that's a look at your morning travels. patrice, back over tt you. 6:02 on fox 45 mmrning news. a maryland state trooper face child pornography charges this morning. baltimore ccuuty police arresteú him after a long investigation. from county police headquarters wwth mooe on how they tracked him downn good morning, megan. >> reporter: ood morning, patrice. baltimore county police say is what led to the arrest ofriiú bruce tucker aa 3-year-old veteran with the maryyand state police. he also worked on the governor's prrtection detail for eight years. according to ccarging docummnts over several months tucker received and exchanged more than 3,000 images of liitle boys and girls, one child believed to be as young as 2 years old performing sex acts. detectives say they recovered
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evidence including a computer from insideetucker's owings mills home. >> he basically told our investigatoos that he was curious about these images and he had jjst started casually %-internet and his interest gre. >> reporter: baltimore county police arrested tucker last friday. this morning, he is now ree on $50,000 bail. live from baltimore county police heaaquarterss i'm megann3 gilliland. fox 5 orning news. a department of natural resoorces officer is charged wiih sexually abusing a 13 years old girl. it's a story you have seen first on fox. fill limb glen bell was arrested in edford, pennsylvania. he now facess13 counts of section abuse. he has been a dnr officer for less than two years. baltimoreecounty in the inner
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harbor..3 >> and he gets time like everyyody else would even though hh is a cop. >> ell has been suspended without pay bit arment of four morgan state band members are arrested for sexually assaulting a oman. the 20 years old victim said he attack happened a couple of weeks ago at an apartment bout a mile from campus. she says the four men held her down, fooceablely removed her pants and performed sex acts. -he police have dentified the suspectt, as dale lot ten, and smith, and duante green s a forrer student and bernard james is the former percussion coordinator for the school marching band. >> we would ask the public if they are familiar with these individuals and have been vvctimized to contact us. >> the university has issued a statement.
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ttey are saddened about the assault that took place recently by former and current band members. the niversity does not tolerate such violations of code of conduct. a sals salisbury apartment and %-a double murder.g the death as the bodies were discovered on monday night. a relative from one of the victims asked police to go over and checkkon the apartment. the bbdies of 26 years old antonio smith arlene byrd are at the medical examiner's office in baltimore for n autopsy. pleapolice have not released any information about the manner of death. search crews in carroll couuty will ver resume their seh for the body of a missing %-he was swimming with friends t went missing. rescuers searched late sunday and all ay monday but had to
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stop once ii got too dark out. ú% it's dark and it's very dangerous. it's undeteemmned what is down there. %-built on old foresttland so %-all kinds of items that arr unknown down there and these time traversing that, but it's at.ething thee're professional they're experienced at and we make a recovery. >> the rescuers are not expecting to find olvera life. they're warning people that swimming at the reservoir is not allowed. baltimore county police say the officer who arrested a woman %-custody followed departmentto policy. it happened along eastern boulevard friday night in essex. officers tried to arrest 41 she tried to stab them with a pen. with they put parker in handcuffs shh stopped breathing and came unresponsive.
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officcrssremoved the handcuffs and began cpr but shh died a short time lattr at hospitall an autopsy has not yet been completed. people on opposing sites of the slots issse will come together in court. the court of appeals will hear argummnts from a group that is %-arundel mills mall.sino to the group collected enough sightsz to gesignatures to get n the november ballot. if the court of appeals agrees, it wwll clear the way for a each day hundreds of marylanders cross the state linú and take theii gambling dollars with them. -ow they have more choices than ever for ways to use that money. joel d smith is at hollywood casino at charlee town, west3ú virginia. good morning, joel. >> reporter: that's ow it goes not taking too much away yet because there's no option iiside aryland, right? that will start in the all. until then, they have a monopoly
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on this or peoole in the western part of behavior maryland. right now thii place is still kind of busy. it's 6:00 in he morning and people have been ll night ong. you sse a $$0 blackjacc table over there. they have 3 card poker and crab tables hereeand roulette on the other side. i'm here with dee. >> how much has this changed charles town to have a casino here? >> it's changed a lot. long time.e been waiting for a people wereestanding excited >> reporter: they usually had to drive to atlantic cityyand take a trip tt vegas, now it's right here. >> 40% of our traffic comes in %-rest of them come from thehe northern virginia, d.c. area an3 local traffic here as well.3 >> reporter: everyone who comes from maryland ins here, right. >> of course they do.
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>> reporter: the money ttat could beegoing to the maryland casinos are coming here. are you worried thaa when the maryland casinos open up, some of those mares are goin marylang to stay. >> we provide a great experience here. they all are coming to here to gamble. as long as they have a good time while they're gambling, they are paying off, patrice. >> 40% a large chunk of marylanders. all righhing oel, we will througgout the morninggyou thank you. >> reporter: okay. >> we want to know what you think. is keeping gambling revenue instate a good enouuh reason to brrng table games to maryland? that's the question of the day. go to 1-800-474-6762 and tell us what i think ---(410)481-4545 and teel usswhat you think. tects youtext your answer to 45r
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fox 45a for yes or fox 45b for no.ú michelle obama will be at camdee yards to continue her fight against childhood obesity. she is partnering with major3 league basebaal as part of the new project. mrs. obama will go over the a addition and return to cam indee yards to throw out the first pitch at thh orioles game. coming up testing the oil cap. what officials are saying about i'm emily gracie live at enoch pratt library, where
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who let the dogs out? it's the boogie wooingy bow-wow and they're coming to a library near youu emily gracie joins us for this morning's hometown hot spot and i cannot wait to see this. >> good morning, patrice. we have dancing dogs this morning. we're goinggto talk to the trainers but let's get a taste. let's take a look at what is going on with the these dogs. they ccn dance. >> take it away, guys. ♪ ♪
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is mazing dancing going on. lynn, let me talk to you real quick. sam is tte stars of the show. what is boogie wooingyy!y bow-w. >> bbing the kids out and thee kids can interact with the dogs as well. >> yes, the kids will come up3 and dance ith the dogs in thisú pratt library, we have 13 kids that will be up on stage at somm >> boogie wooingy bow-wow is going on at area yyus ocations across the city. for a complete listtof shoo times go to a mix of sun and clouds and possible thunderstorms as well so the a/c ii pumping in here. a great activity for the kids to
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do. %-cool, today. heat and stay >> reporter: i see that you can have two left feet and still be able to dance. let's see what is happening out there. no rain danccs on our roofttps this orning at leass not in our area. %-countt.tivityyin garrett that is about itt.3 nor activity up toward the great lakes. a lot of that is going to steer to the north of us as we move eaat. you may see a shower or thunderstorm around but it may %-probably more so in the northr part of the state than anywhere else. 78 degrees and mostly cloudy skies at this poinn and 67% reel relative humidity. the same for salisbury and 7443 for hagerstown. again the temperatures are going to feel warmer once again with the humidity still a factor.ú ú%ttionary boundaries as i was telling you to the north is going to steer a lot of these
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thunderstormm to the north of us, maybe the closest e come is around the northern part of the state near the mason dixon line. that's the best chance, but more activity will stay further points north up in pennsylvania and newwyork. the frontal boundary will move you can see in the meantime aa3 couple oo shower chance. as it mooes south on thursday that will start o bring a drier even on wednesday, tomorrow we get a chance of more showers and thunderstorms as the front will be closer at 5:00. it will continue to move on south. we will get a bit of relief eve3 though the temperatures will be in the 90s for remainder of the week. 92 degrees for the eastern shore high temperature, mostly sunny skies and for the central part of he state we climb to the same 92, can't rule out the isolated showee or ttunderstorm but late in the day and toothh north especially. the area already, 88 deerees for the high there. first pitch temperature tonight at camden yyrds. can't rule out a few showers. overnight we drop to 74 degrees, a warm and humid night.
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chaaces return. a brief and day of relief as far as the humidity is concerned and then the front moves north agaai and it comes to the heat and humiiity once more. 96 andd98, can't rule out a %-sunday ith a high of 90. cooler on monday with a hiih of 89 degrees with mostly clear skies. the roadways.t is happeeing on here is candace dold witt the traffic edde. >> reporter: steve, we're talkiig about significcnt trouule bolt way right now. it's because of an accident on route 40 at catoosville. we can show you what the area looks like. tractor trailer here's. you can see all lanns completely shutdown there and the traffic deemed off at route 40. now on medevac is on its way, but this is going to e here for quite sometime. you will want to use rolling road as the alternate route. now even a little bit farther down let's see how it's shaping
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up on the beltway for frederick road so far no back up heee but i can guarantee you it's goong to start pretty soon. be aware of this as you can hit unexpected trouble on the inner loop direction. the southwest corner in brooklyn there's a fire at st. john's uuited methodist church. ú%at is completely shutting down bell grove road. tt get around this active, you will want to use ritchie highway morning travels, patrice, back over to you. thank you, candace. coming up getting america back to work. the signs show that the unemployment ratt is improviig. and mooitoring the oil cap in the gulf.3 what officials are saying about
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his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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tests continue on the underwaaer oil well n the gulf this morning. officials are trying to see if the integrity of the well s intact and make sure that leaks aree't popping up. sandra endo has the latest rom washington. >> reporter: officials are continuing to test the underwater oil well for any new leaks since the latest cootainment cap was put inn3 place. >> there'' a small seep ages we're ffnning righttnowwdo not present at at least at this%poio the well bore. >> reeorter: the tests will go on for another 24 hours since officialsssay the pressure readings are cooing back lower than expected. officials say that couud mean months of spewing oil or there may be an undiscovered leakk meanwhile a oint in theú contaanment cap appears to be leaking some oil and methane, but officials saa there's no cause for alarm. clearly what we want is spills all over or something for
6:23 am
catastrophic to happen. the cientistssare on op of it and monitoring it and they will be making appropriate decisions as we go guard.3 >> reporter:forward. >> reporter: the economic problems continue to move in the gulf coast region. officials are with efforts to resolve claims at bp. >> i will offer 6 monnhsú emergency payments with month obligation. take the money no release assuming you can prove your claim and you're eligible. i'm hoping to head off at the pass any bankruptcy. >> reporter: bp is aaso testtng out one of its relief -ells which is expected to inteecept the ruptured well bit end of the month. the relief wellsswhat are officials are banking on as a permanent solution to the massive spill. in washington i'm sandra endo. coming up recovering from the economic recession. for work. someone who is supposed to protect us is doing something
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like this, i'm reaaly, really sad. a maryland state trooper arrested for child porn. why he says he was looking at i do the cooking, the shopping, shuttling the kids around. i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting the best bang for my buck. use your giant card and earn one gas rewards point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points means another 10 cents off per gallon at shell. and this week, buy any three of these grilling favorites and earn an extra 300 points on top of what you're already earning. i rely on the card, both for groceries
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and for the gas rewards program. it saves me a lot of money, and that works for me. check this week's circular and earn gas rewards, only with your giant card.
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stocks ended high on monday as investors expected a week of %-the nasdaq gained 19 points ad the s&p 500 added 6 points. confidence among homebuilders in the u.s. has slipped to the lowest level since april 2209. a drop n the july reading from the national association of homebuilders was worre than expected. it reflects the concerns of the econooy and the end of taxpayers for home buyers.
6:27 am
surveyed by the national asssciation for business economics finds pay rolls havee3 grown for a second consecuuive quarter this year. more than 30% of companies added jobs between april and june. that is up from the same time last year. the number offemployers laying off workers cootinues to drop. wall street reform is creating jobs. the securities and exchange commission which regulates financial markets is planning to hire 800 people. the financial reform law which the president is expected to sign this week will significantty ramp up the size of the regulartory agency expannedding its responsibility. for business brief, i'm stan case. %-why multiple cruises out of baltimore won't be hitting the higg seass and a maryland state trooper faces chail child 3
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welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:30 is the time. it's time to get a check of our forecast with meteorologist steve fertig ann see if there's any relief from the heat we have been feeling for the longest. [ laughter ] >> no.33 %-going to bb hot and humid ooce again getting into the low 90s, will feee mid-to upper 90s and a littleebit of relief and a front to drop out ann driee air to move in.
6:31 am
here is what we hhve on this day, 78 degrees staating outtin baltimore. hagerstown. back to the west a chance of a3 couple of showers and today. they will be more isolated than anythinn else as most of them steer to the north. should be heading to 92 degrees for high temperature, again just an isolated chance for a shower -r thunderstorm late in the day. a better chance this evening and as i say, there's a day that will feel less humidity. i will tell you when that iss3 more specifically in a few minutes. right now candace dold has the traffic edge, candace, how are you. >> reporter: i'm pretty good and hat is because i'm tallly not on parts of the bbltway.d take a look at this. you can see the activity involving two tractor trailers completely shutting down both
6:32 am
inner lanes there. we will keep uu-to-date but as of right now we arr dealing with significant delays leaviig frederick bowllng road. we are seeing a delay on the outer loop lanes because of this, 795 toward 95. in ffct right now 18 minutee, 34 miles pee hour. on 95, a much better picture there from the fort mchenry %-per hour and a 9 minute clip 5 harbor tunnel toward 895. that's look at the ornings ttavels. after more ttan a decade with maryland state police and 8 years with the governor's protection detail, a state trooper is arrested facing ú%lony child pornography %-baltimore county police busted him after a long investigation. megan gilliland joins us live from county headquarters with more on how they tracked himú doon. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice and good morning to all of you.
6:33 am
-altimore county police say their normal internee monitoring is what led to at resttof bbuce tucker, a 13 year veteran with33 maryland state police. according to charging documents over several months tuuker received and exchanged more than 3,000 images oo little boys and girls. one child is believed to be as young as 2 yeers old girl performing sex acts. decksivedecksives saydetectiveed evidence and as news spread his >> i lived next door to a marylanddstate trooper, i guess you feel safe and you got somebody like thaa. i think it's pretty shocking. >> reporrtr: baltimore coonty police say tucker told them hee3 -as curious about theeimages of the children he saw on the internet and his interest grew. they arrested him last friday ú%is morning, tuck certify free on $50,000 bail. he is being suspended without pay. live rom baltimore headquarters, i'm megan
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gilliland, fox 45 morning news. a baltimore city police officer finds himself on the -ther side of the law after being accused of rape.ú a worm reportedly told police that the officer assaulted her ddring a car stop. officials would not say where or when the incident took place. the officer who is assigned to the northeast district has been suspended while the allegations are investigates. city police are called to the mount vernon area after a man is stabbed inside of a restaurant. %--ass my.t out befooe 10 clack officers rusheddto cyro pizzaa33 and grill on cathedral street. the victim was stabbed in thee3 chest. he was taken to shock trauma for treatment. there's no word on his condition at this time. flames break out at a home in howard county. it happened around 6:00 last nightton south road near st. john's lane in ellicott city. no one was hurt but the people living ii tte home were displaced for the night. investigators believe the fire started in the attic.
6:35 am
police rescue two boaters ú%inging to a cooler after their -oat capsizes..3 36 years old ana garcia and 35 years old carlos ease cool esco3 clinging to the cooler for morr than two hours. they were fishing when a large wave causessed the causessed th. both were taken tt the hospital suffering of extreme exhaustion and shock. officer say the three suspects held up a td bank on crane highway in glen burnie. a witness eporteddy aided in the arrest by following the get away vehicle as the suspects fled the bank on saturday. police say that witness was eventuully able to catch up with a woman believed to be a serial bank robber s captured. 27 years old darian randall of lands down is suspecteddin at
6:36 am
leest 7 robberies in the cityy3 and baatimore county. poliie say she used isguises to ú%s arrested saturday after ae ttller at madison bank on the facility ii expected to receive an official citation following an investigation prompted by an air-conditiooing breakdown. 150 residents risk a residents g at the raveeswood center had to be evacuated. it was 4 days before the problem was reported to city officials. ravenswooddis expected to be cited for several deficiencies following that incident. a woman badly burned at a baltimore nail salon will receive $1 million. she went to thh nail studio on3 was burned while having hee and clil ic nails removed.
6:37 am
shock caused her to suffer second degree burns over 40% of her body. the agreement says is quott appropriate. the state video lotteey commission is not giving up on bringing a video slot casino at the rrcky gap resort near cumberland. it's the smallest of fivee3 proposed sites in maryland and last year it failed to attraat a qualified bidder. the general assembly has approved a bill that woold give more incentives to an official ú%erator. >> the economy is a little bit better and also we have made some changes through the legislative process,,that we think will either clarify the ú%sue or make things more attractive to potential bidders. >> the first slots ccsino in this fall in cecil county. while maryland continues to wait for a big gambling pay day. it's border states are alreadd
6:38 am
going on all in. after a few weeks of table games ú%ming to charles town, west3 virginia, the number of marylanders going across state lines is staggering. joel d smith took theetrip and he is joining us live this morning with how many people we're losing from maryland to these casinos and whattis maryland going toodo about it. good morning, joel. >> reporter: a lost questions there. we are here at charles town, west virginiaawhere we took off from the station an hour or 20 minutes away. people can get easier. 40,000 people were here on july 4th weekend. they think 40% comes from maryland. and even though maryland is opening up its slots soon you havenoughthis fall that is whate looking for here. good morning, jeff. >> good morning. >> reporter: he has been dealing with slots for a long time. tell me abouttthe slots player, how is he different than a taale game player? >> the slots player is old e. the average age is around 45.
6:39 am
when you look at the table games player, they are much, much >> reporter: hat o you find at about how couples can get >> yes, in past we have had. guests who would show up by ttemselves indicaaing that they're partner is not here, table games at the time. the now that weedo, we see an -ncrease. to give you annexample of what is going on here. might as well play while we're here. this is what maryland is going to have oon enough. we hht the button, let's see if we win. it makes a lot of noise. and i won $0.20. patrice, we will just send it back to you on that note. reporter:.all right, thankky. we want to know what yyu think. is keeeing gambling ref nstate- revenue instate a good reason to bring table games to maryland?
6:40 am
that is the question of the day. you can go to our website at or sound off through facebook. send us a tweet at faction bolte ú% text your answer at 420333 enter fox a for yes or fox 45b for no. celebrity cruises announces3 it's canceling the 20111and winter cruises froo baltimore. the cruises will heed for route in australia, new zealand and indonesia. a total of 10 cruises will be eliminated. - representative for the port of baltimore says, t's just a part of the business. coming up sensitive -ersonnel informatton at risk. that al a allowed he informatin to get out. >> reporter: we''e ttking a live look at a serious accidentú thattshuts down the lanes of the beltway. you can ee the medevac already on the scene. ú%lot of trouble through the
6:41 am
corridor at 3
6:42 am
welcome back. it's 6:42 on this tuesday morning. we're taking a livv looo at the sky hd radar.3 we have not aalot of activity right ow. we saw a few showers but they
6:43 am
aafew showers moving intt gat ergarrett county as we get some the activity from the great ú%kes moving toward the east. most of it will steer toward the north. staying near the mason dixoo line. mostly cloudy skies right now but we should sse our share of sunshine mixed wwth clouds and the barometer is on the rise. dew points again going to be playing a role in terms of making temperatures feel warmer. 78 degrees is the actual tempeeature in baltimore and 75 ii d.c. warmmstart, 75 in salisbury and ú% sounds like a broken record, alttough we won't be bbeaking any records today as temperatures in he low 90s. records up close to 100.3 ú%%-showwrs to the wess.of we got a stationary boundary to the north. thattis going to allow for thunderstorms to steer closer to tte north and that is why i'm telling you thh mason dixon line looks more vulnerable in the ssuthern part of maryland. as far as timing, maybe this evening thh best chance of a %-to the west at 5:00 p.m. see
6:44 am
we're sseing this morning there, but the rest of the area to the north maybe a little bit later ú%to tte evening hours as you get to the warmest part of the day. it's going to bring in the heat and humidity and the frontal boundary will dip to the ssuth a -ittle bit and close you have in to bring us a shower or it drops evee further to bring us drier air foo thursday, so maybe a little bit humid but still dry for thursday and the3 rest of the week as we stay in %-the central part of the ssatee clouus. isolated thunderstorm, maybe ann more activity as we are this morning, that is bout the3 temperature that we should be at decamden yards tonight..3 humid night. the rest oo the week gges like chances are there with the front nearby and then maybe a little bit drier for aday on thhrsday ttlk about the heat.grees and
6:45 am
96 and 98 for friday and sattrday. the day.le out a shower late in cooler, 90 degrees, 89 degrees mostly cooler and lookingglike the best day on monday. let's see what is happening on the roaaways now with andaae she has the track edge. >> reporter: well, steve nott3 a good morning for people on the beltway. it's because of appeaa accident west side. in fact, we're at 23 miles per hoor at the outer loop lanes traveling at security boulevard. here is why, we can show you what the area looks like. it's because of a rash on the inner loop lanes involving two tractor trailers completely shutting down the corridor. all of that traffic is being detoured at route 40 and the medevac is still on the scene. so we will continuu to monitor i can tell yoo, you definitely want to use rolllnggroad to avoid all of the activity. the beltway, let's see how it's shaping up moving at fredericc road for you thii morning, and now we have a sizable delay -here as far as theeeye can see
6:46 am
-eading all the way up toward the accideet and eventuallyy p toward the activity. we also have trouble to talk about in anne arundel county and it's all because of a chuuch fire in brooklyn. it's at the united methodisst church. crews remain n the scene.. this completely blocks bell you will want to use
6:47 am
6:48 am
>>nnw thii morning, gunfire breaks out during a robbery in northeast baltimore. two people tried to rob nephew's they reportedly hhd a gun but so did the sttre's owner. the ownee opened fire on the suspects. no one was hurt but the suspect3 police are investigating. actress lindsay lohan is taking on a new role.3
6:49 am
inmate. she is eepected to report to a3 los angeles jail to begin her 90 day sennence for violating probation for two dui incidents but the actress may not have to get too comfortable in her new wardrobe. lohan may only serve a fraction of er sentence because of the city's overcrowded jail. supremm court nominee elena keggan face!!keg an faced her ff voting.ú kagan is expected to have the backing of all the democrats. -hey're looking to fill the position left acant by john paul stevens who rrtired in june. first on foo, a security lapse at a state agency has put3 the identities of thousands of people at isk. the problem went ndeeected for months. joy lepola tells us why the safeguards already in place
6:50 am
dddn't stop this breach of security. >> reporter: almost 3,000 social security numbbrs with names and addresses attached had been stolen from this state ú%ency. >> this was not information that was released by dhr. in fact, we didn't know it had been posted. >> reporttr: a security breach that went ndetected for %->> reporter: jessica mmn del. and her two girls received medical assistance through ameri grrup, a dhr program. for man del and the thousands of others whose identities are now at risk, it was required of theú to provide their name, address, and social security numbers. >> anything that i see is thing of copier thht ou can do a3 social security. >> this is potentially very dangerous for the victimm of this breach. >> reporter: aaron titus is a privacy expert and attorney. ú% it's at the very leaat thhy y
6:51 am
negligent. >> reporter: fox 45 discovered that it's a dh orker whh not onll took the information from thousands of dhr clients but post it had online unprotected. >> it means that aaybody in the world with a computer ann internet connection has had access to the social security numbers. >> this individual violated personnel policy and our securitt policies of taking %-were receiving medical2008 assistance. >> we trust these people. we trust the government we trust
6:52 am
-he department of human resources to help yoo and keep your personal information out there and that they're not >> reporter: as man del bbgins to contact credit bureaus, the worker responsible is on administrative leave ppnding the outcome of an investigation. >> it's unclear as to what the motivation min behind thii was. >> reporter: joy lepola, fox 45 morning news. dhr has offered to pay for credit monitoring forrall those affected..3 ameeica's wwr on terror could be getting too big for its own good. a washington post invessigation shows that almost aamillion people now have top seccet clearance. there's more than 1200 more than 1900 private companies working on antiterror projects. according to the investigation, the intelligence community has gotten so big, there's no proper stay tuned for fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of
6:53 am
this story. we ill talk to a former fbi agent about what this means for america's safety. that is coming up during our 7:00 hour. coming up in our next hour, a maryland state trooper arrested for child ornography. why he says he was looking at the picttres online. next earn money without doing a thing. bank piet ex
6:54 am
6:55 am
iiterest rates are lower than they have been in almost 50 years. so how do you gee your money in the bank to grow. stephen andrews explains how a checking account may make you more money han a saving
6:56 am
account. she wishes she could bulk p her savings but thh interest ratee in her checking account aren't doing enough to make that happen. >> i'm onlyygettinn 1% rate but it's convenient to make a checking accounn but i'm not making anyymoney from it. >> ttey looked at community banks and credit unions that are paying much higher rates.3 >> some of these checcing accounts are aying for our 5% yield. that is highee than any savings %- reeortee: of course, like most great offers there's catches. >> the rates plummet if you don't meet the bank's requirements. >> reporter: to get the rates on checking account, the requirements may be include 10 to 15 debit account purchases, and receiving online statements. there's also balance limits. many accounts had balance limits of $25,000. once you exceed that amount,3
6:57 am
your rate drops to 1%. >> reporter: consumer reports say those high interest rates may be worth the restrictions but they're not for everyone. >> i can't be sitting here counting i need one more transaction to get a higher interest rate. people just don't have time. >> reporter: but if you can play by the rules your money will grow a lot faster. this is james andrews. >conssmer eports says you can find a list of banks offering high interest checking accounts and read all oo the requirements at two ebsites.ú and checking all of the larchg banks listed e sites carry federal insurance. lindsay lohan prepares to head to jail. why she could get out early.ú >> reporter: and maryland slot parlors will open later this fall but they won't have 3
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
a state trooper charged with possessing child pornography. whaa tips investigators and why the troop turned himself in. >> from star let to jail bird. when indsay lohan will start
7:01 am
serving her sentence. less and more, whht an investigation reveals how many americans have a security clearance aad what it could mean -p good mornnng. it's tuesday, july 0th. it looks like the sun is coming out there in our nation's -apital. they're probably ppeparing for hoo one the ame way as we re here in baltimore. good morningg i'm patrice harris. we're preparing for another hot and you were talking aaout temperatures in the 80s. that was at 5:00 this morning. that gives you an idea. >> we will get to near 90 degrees by noon. we will feel like temperatures in the upper 0s with the humidity that we can't really ú%t rid of and a chance for a couple of thunderstorms is out there. just a remote chance but the to the north.
7:02 am
if you're in the western part of maryland more than a remote chance bbcause there's a few moving through right ow. that's more than a possibility. that sshappening through garrett county and allegheey. it's going to be traveliig mostll aaong the northern most mason dixon line. otherwise we will see cloudy skies,,and tt the north we will see more activvty moving out of the great lakes. that is where we expect to see it further north. 75 degrees for the temperature right now. 75 in salisbury and 71 up in hagerstown. we sttrt up warm and it warms up in here, 89 ddgrees by noontime and 90 degrees by 6:00 p.m., and we get to that 90 riggt around3 noon. it will stay rather warm and see a little bit warmer. let's see what is happeeing on the roadways with candace dold. >> reeorter: if you plan to hit on the roadways finish up the wheaties and ad out the door. it's all because of an accident mooing at route 40 in
7:03 am
catonsville, all lanes completely shutdown through theú corriddr. you will want to use rrlling road as the alternate route. -ow it's also causing trouble on the utter loop direction from -- outer loop direction from 795 towwrd 95. we're looking at a 35-minute ride, 20 miles per hour. a slow go from 83 up toward 795 as well of 11 minutes, 41 miles per hour there.3 as for the beltway, just a little bit farther back, it does ease up a bit. 51 miles per hour with a 12 minute lip from 95 toward 83. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, bbck over to you. 7:03, a maryland state trooper faces child pornography charges. megan gilliland joins us from baltimore county headquarters with more on how hey tracked him down. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, good morning to all of you. the normal mo internettmonitorig
7:04 am
is what lld to the arrest. bruce tucker is 13 year veteran with the state police. governor'sssecurityydetail. he received and exchanged more than 3,000 imagessof little boys and girls. one child believed to be as young as 2 years old performing sex acts. they retreef!! retrieved imagesa computer inside of his home. >> he told invvstigators he was curious about these images and had started looking cas casually over the nternet and his interest grew. >> reporter: he is pus suspendd would you the pay. megan gilliland, fox 45 morning news.
7:05 am
resources officer is charged with sexually a buin abusing a s old girl. it's a story you are seeing first on fox..3 phillip glen bell was arrested in pennsylvania. he has been a dnr officer for less than two years. he patrols the waters around the county and the inner harbor. >> hh has been suspended without pay by the department of natural resources. four morgan state band members are arrested for sexuallyyassaulting a woman. the 20 years old victim says th3 attack happened a coupll of weeks ago at an apartment abbut a mile from campus. police have identifieddthe suspectssas dale lotten and howard cook smith, both current students at morgan. duanne green is former student and ray enabled gam ray nald jae
7:06 am
percussion leader of band. if you have victimized contact us. the university issued a statement aying quote, they are saddened of the events that took place recently. they go n to say that the uuiversity does not tolerate such violations of its koafd cof conduct. flames broke out in highway ward county. it happened last night in ellicott city. no one was hurt, but officials say the people living in the home were displaced for the night. investigatoos believe the fire started in the attic. police rescue two boaters clinging o a cooler after their boat capsizes. 36 years old ana garcia and 35-year-old carlos escobarrwere clinging to the cooler for more than two 1/2 hours on saturday night at the chesapeake bay. the two wereefishing near the sandy point life whhn a large
7:07 am
waive caused them to capsize..3 both were taken to baltiiore medical center suffering from extreme exhaustiin and ssock. baltimore county police say the officer who arrested a woman who died while being taken into custody followed department policy. it happened along eastern boulevard friday night in essex. officerr tried to arrest 41 years old mary beth crooker after she tried to stab them with a pen. when they put her in cuffs she stopped breathing and became unresponsive. officers removed the handcuffss3 and began cpr but she died a short time later at the hospital. -p people on both sides of st issues will come togeeher in court today. they will hear arguments from a group that is against riiging a casino to arundel mills mall. a lower court judge said it wasn't subject to referendum. if the appeals court agrees, it
7:08 am
will clear the way for a slots parlor at the mall. ú%> the first lady is coming to -altimoreetoday. michelle obama will be t camden yards to conttnue her ffght against childhooddobesity. she is partnering with major league baseball as part of the new projecc. mrs. obama will go over the initiative and return to camden yards later to throw out the games. coming up lindsay lohan is headed to jail but she miiht not be there for that long. coming up find out why her sentence will probably be
7:09 am
7:10 am
so you think your dogs can
7:11 am
dance??3 it's the boooie wooingy bow ddwn and they're coming to a library near you. emily gracie is with the hometown hot spot to expllin the dancing dogs, good morning graciee >> repooter: we're talking about boogie wooingy bow wows. >> hi, emily, how could you not >> it's a variety show with sam and tuuker and it goee on until the next week at the south pratt library and the street library at federal hill. >> reporter: fooks can come and enjoy this at no cost. >> it's definitely free. right now 72,000 kids have 12,000 books alreedy. participate in this fun program this summer and be able to enjoy in these fun activities like the boogie wooingy bow-wow.
7:12 am
>> reporter: very inneractive for the kids. a fun event to come out for this tuesday. in fact, today we will see thisú get started. it's starting at libraries all around the city at various times. ii you missed the show today,ú ttere will be plenty coming up. go to aad hot weather so you can expect possibly a thunderstorm. it would be a good idea to plan an indoor evvnt aad no thunderstorms out there just hot, right, steve. >> absolutely. >> i tell you what, emily, it's going to be a hot and huuiddday. iitell you,,the dogs can shakk a >> they can. >> excellent dancers. let's take a look and sse what is happening out there. weather wise we're looking at a3 dry scan on annhd radar right now. it's going to be mainly dry to the south. to the north, you are looking at a shower for the western part o3 the state and most of the activity if we see showers and thunderstorms stay to the nnrth
7:13 am
toward the mason dixon line. otherwise most of it steering from west to east toward our north especially as we go toward pennnylvania and into new york you see it moving out of the great lakes area. for the left of us hot and humid. ú%at will be the story once again today. 79 degrees is wwere we start at the inner harbor. winds are calm and partly cloudy barometer.and rising on the dew points in the upper 60s so -t will feel warmer than the actual temperature once aggin. %-d.c. ann 75 in hagerstown and 71 degrees. heee is what we're looking at the stationary boundary to north todaay that is going to allow forrthe steering mechanism of thuuderstorms to stay to the that is why if we do get anything as i'm saying, we do expect to to stay further point3 north aad south. is in there toward the evening ú%ur for almost anybody but most likely staying orth. ú%ere we see it indicated on the
7:14 am
future scan model. thattboundarr is going to sag to the south as the stationary front, slight movement but sags to the south slowly. it brings a chhnce for a thunderstormmtomorrow afternoon. as it moves further points south, it brings in dier air. so that will at least provide some relief by thursday and less humidity maybe. temperatures ill stilllbe in the low 90s. we're not going to get rid of the heat anytime soon. the eastern shore, 92 degrees for the high, mainly clear skie3 and a west wind at 92 miles per hour. star in part of the state, 92 degreee again with more humidity and a mix of sun and cloudss we will see our hare of sunshine and we getta thunderstorm chance it would be more isooated and the norrh as we were saying. back to the west a better chance of showers and thunderstorms as ú%s already been the case, this -orning 88 degrees for the high. otherwise tonight, 88 degrees at camden yards for the orioles rayy games. and partly cloudy skies with a few ssowers around and then tonight, 74 degrees for the overnight low inno the warm and another hot one and the thunderstorm chances as the
7:15 am
frontal boundary remainsúú%over. 93 degrees on thursday, the weather pattern doesn't change 3 whole lot ooter than bringing in drier air for hursday briefly heat as the temperatures climb to 96 on fridaa and 98 on saturday. 90 a little bit better on sunday, but still an outside chance for a thunderstorm and mostly clear skies on monday with a high of 89 deggees. we need to check on your ccmmute this morning, what does it look like? candace dold is back with a loo3 at the traffic. candace. >> reporter: steve, ou do need to know about trouble on the beltwaa this morning. in fact, significant trouble there. speeds 79 miles ppr hour on the 17 ine stretch it's because of an accident on the inner loop lanes. moving at route 40 at catonssille, all lanes have been completely shutdown for quite sometime now. the activity ssill remaiis and now you can see the one lane is squeezing by. it'ssan accident involving two
7:16 am
tractor trailers, a lot of activity there. you will wwnt to use rolling road as the alternate route. as far as farther back shaping up at frederick road. that has been a parking lot there and it only continues..3 just take a look the drivers are barely tapping their brakes leading up towaad 95 up toward the activity. speaking of 95 it's a much better pictureethere. there's nothhng tt annoy you frrm the beltway traveling through baatimore right near 395 ú%d then eventually getting up toward the fort mchenry
7:17 am
7:18 am
nee this morning, two people are found dead in a salisbury handling the incident assa double murder. officers made the discovery sunday night after checking the apartment t the request of one of the victim's relatives. the bodies of 26 years old antonio smith and 31 years old arlene byrd are now at the medical examiner's office here in baltimore for an autopsy. supreme court nominee elena kagan fces theefirst vote. the senate judicially committee will meet today to face up the nomination. kagan is expecced to have the backing of all of the democrats. will get any votes from the gop.
7:19 am
the latest cha chapter in te legal saga of the troubled ú%tress, linnsay lhan begins today. the encarceration is punishment for having violated the terms of her probation in relation to 2dwui incidents. lohan could be out and about soon rather than later. they are only severing a -- serring a fraction of their sentence in the los angeles overccowded jail. sandra endo joins us to discuss lindsay's sentence. good morning, sandra. >> reporter: good morning, lohan will be reporting to a los angeles county jail today. ú%e udge actually ruled that cameras will not be allowed to video tape her in handcuffs being taken to jail. the limited images we ill be getting of her actuallyú
7:20 am
reporting to jail and going in there as well. you were talking about the whole to jail, tried in court twoence weeks ago when she -- she cried two weees ago when she heard her sentence. she is not expected to serve out the whole 90 day maximum because as you were mentioning overcrowding in the jail as well as becauue of this particular offense. a lot of times people gee out sooner than they were actually she is expectee to probable low stay in thereabout two weeks. she was ordered by the court as well to go to 90 days of drug rehab programming after she serves her time in jail. sandra, i have to say that i really have not followed lindsay. she always seemed to be in something, so you kind of get tired of it after a while. i guess it's now landed her in jail. talk a little bit abbut the jail she will be in and does she ggt special treatment while she is in for those few weeks? >> well, you now all about holllwood and l.a. and all of those cclebrities are getting
7:21 am
into trouble ssmetime. this is the same lin woo jail that paris hilton spentttime in3 she will have her own privvte room but 22 hours in her room. an hour out for recreation time. they only get 20 minutes or so for each meal. one ot meal a day and wake-up call at 5:00 a.m. definitely a different type of jail becaase of the nature of her celebrity. >> she won't need late nights, there's no partying in jail, probably. what has been she been doing for how does somebody on their way to jail spend their final days? %-she was in an alcohol and drug treatment program led by her new lawyer robert shapiro who is famed because of the oj simpson trial. her previous lawyer parted ways with her and supposedly mr. shapiro as well is going tt part ways with her again. not doing so well on the legal front but clearly trying to
7:22 am
perhaps get her act together, but no one is really buying it. >> now in the legal front people are tossing her aside, but what aaout as far as her career. doessthii kind of thing really hurt her or is all of the publicity good for her? >> well, she hasn't done much lately and there's stories about her and her financial troubles because she hasn't been able to work and she has been caught in her wnnpersonal drama right here. it's unclear right now as to hhw this is going to affect her. everyone like a comm back sttry. we have heard many coming out of hollywood. we will see what happens. >> she is so young. hopefully she will get to together and get back on track. sandrr endo. a city nursing home could be in hot water. %-with a broken air-conditionnr.
7:23 am
he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.
7:24 am
7:25 am
martin o'malley is making the tough choices... re than 850,000 people in this counnry have access to the nation's sensitive informatioo, can it still be onsidered top secret. who is monitoring the agents and there's new reports of bloated bureaucracy when it comes to the homeland secur security. >> we are joined with a look at ú%l of the questions that have been raised recently, good morning. >> good morning. >> thh washington post put ouu this series as to how uch security we have as a result of
7:26 am
9/11. is it alarring to you that we're talking about 850,000 secret clearance or is that legitimate? >> it's alarming because of the number of agencies that we have added and the number of new directors that have come aaouu aftee 9/11. we saw the same thing afterworld war 1 and we saa it after the bombing of the pearl harbor. this time whhre the threat is more alarming coming rom entities that you wouldn't think of as an enemy or dig dangerouss enemy we expanded from 9/11. >> yess it's necessary but it's it's hard to get information because there's too many people and layers to go through. -p>> hich is the irony because %-9-11 attack was the lack of communicationnwith the agencies. we expanded and had a director
7:27 am
of national intelligence. and even as he bbought the agencies together to talk moree3 less connections with the different ent entaties, i thinkú have more intelligence now which is a good thing. it's better to be redundant have more than less. and to makk sure that the people have it and the wrong people do not have it. we have people with top secret clearance that are not american citizens. >> when we say top secret clearance, what kind of information are they able to. >> we always are concerns about that. the fact the matter you hope you can trust them with the top secret information, because of the number of agencies and thee3 number of directions you're headed you need a lot of people with a lot of information. that information needs tt be narrowed down and made by
7:28 am
responsible people. i think post 9/11, we have to remeeber, we're not that far out. americans like to have things -hange immediately. we did expand immediately but the coordination has become more of a problem. p> all right. doctor thank you so much. >> you're welcome. it's tiie to pay the piper. the error ma
7:29 am
7:30 am
ú%> welcome back to fox 45 morniig news. 7:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. it's time to get a look at our foreccst as we head on this
7:31 am
tuesday morning. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look and it's already hot. >> tell us something new we hot and humid. you're right, it's going to be hot and humid. looo at the temperature, we bombed out at 70. it's going to be a quill wwr qum some the showers and thunderstorms are waninn in the %-we think that if there's a chance for a shower or thhnderrtorm today it will be on the boundary. if it's more thunderstorms in our area it will likely be toward the mason dixon line. and then maybe just a little bit of relief in terms of less humidity. the temperatures stay up, no the heat inddsz should be up
7:32 am
around near 90 through most of this week. take a look at what the commute look like this morning. take a look at the traffic edge, candace. >> reporter: you''e waking up to the trouble at the inner loop it's because of two tractorú trailers at route 40. two lanes are squeezing by, ut. the dammge is alleady done on both the inner loop lanes and even the outer loop stretch. itts a slow go as well. from 795 toward 95, we are look at a 27-minute ride, 23 miles per hour. aa 38 miles per hour with a 1223 minutt clip from 83 up toward 795, it does ease up, though, moving from 95 up toward 83, just the congestion to deal with there, 13 minutes, right now 45 miles per hoor. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. 7:32 on fox 45 morning news. after mooe than a decade with marylaad state police and eight
7:33 am
years with he governor's protection detail, a state trooper is arrested facing felony child pornography charges. baltimore police busted him after a long investigatiin. megan gilliland tells us how they tracked him own. good morning,,megan..3 patrice, good morning to all of you. baltimorr county police say their normalliiternet monitooing is what led to the arrest of bruce tucker, a 13 year vvteran3 according to charging documents over several onths, tucker reeeived and exchanged more than -,000 images of little boys aad girls. one child believeddto be as young as 2 years old performing sex acts. detectives say they recovered evideece including a computer from inside tucker's owings mills home. assnews spread, his neighbors are shocked. >> lived right next door to a maryland state trroper, i guess you think you feel safe and you actually gottsomebody liie that. i think it's pretty shocking. >> reporter: bullet more county -- baltimore tucker says3
7:34 am
that tucker said he was curious about the images on the internet and then his interest grew. tucker is free on $11,000 bail, he is being suspended without payy i'm megan gilliland. a baltimmre police officer finds himself on the other side of rape. a woman reporteely told police %-during a car stop.aulted her officials would not say where or when the incident took place, the officer who is assigned to the northeast district has been suspended while the allegations are investiggted. workers at the ravenwood nursing home could be feeling the heat today. the facility is expected to receive an official citation following an nvestigation prompted by an air-conditioning 150 residents living at the ravenwood nursing and rehab center haddtt by waited two ú%eks ago.
7:35 am
ú%e air-conditioning failed but it was fouu days before the problem was reported to city officials. ravenwood is expected to be cited for several deficiencies following that incident. a woman burned at a naill3 salon will receive $1 million in an insurance settlement. nikita andrews went to the sttdio and was urned while having her crylic nails removed. she sued for $5 million saying the shop caused her to suffer sscond degree burns on 40% of -er body. the settlement reached with the insurer is appropriate. the group has re-opened bids for a slots parlor at the rocky ú%p lodge and golf resort near -cmberland. proposed sites in maryland. last year is failed to attract ú qualifiid bidder. while maryland continues to
7:36 am
waii for a big gambling pay day it's border states are all going in. after just a few weeks of table games coming to charles town, west virginia, the number of marylanders going across the state line is staggeriig. joel d smith is one of them. he took a trip there today andd3 hh is joining us live with a look at those numbers. i know yyu did it for a good reason to explain the numbers, joel. explain the numbers.3eaay to really it's a loo of numbers. came to charles town to hollywood casino here. 40,000 people are coming rom marylaad. because they have tabll gaaes that's one of big reasons. you deal with a lot with the multicuutural players. tell me how that comes in when you're talking about table games? >> ttble games is a very multicultural guests. we have a lot of blackjack, aad
7:37 am
a type of poker games hhre. >> rrporter: with that community, do you think they will play slot machines if they're from maryland and that is all thee have the opportunity to play. >> i have spoken to a loss customers rom maryland as a matter of fact, there's a big push for them to come down here. because llke i said, they love to play card games. >> reporter: they are willing tt come even if it means driving >> yes..3bit. >> reporter: that could mean bad news when it comes to maryland. when the money comes in, it will be good ffr the state but a big portion of that is going to stay charles town because of the of the table games. we're lookkng at the facebook and there's so many different opinions about whether we should have table games in maryland and wwether we're losing too much money ffr other states. i'm surprrsed at the people thaa are there and have been therr since 5:00 in the morning. >> the one that you see on thh ssde thaa is packed.
7:38 am
that's a $50 miniium. that means to play one hand ii cosss you $50. you will win or lose $50 in 3003 seconds epending how long it takes to go around the table. >> that is out of my league. i'm the penny slot girl. >> reporter: that is whhre i was.3 %-that's my steve. joel. thank you. that brings us to the question is keeping blam gambling rrvenuú instate a good reason to havee3 slot machines in maryland. you can gg to or sound off through facebook. you can text your answer to 45203, enter fox 45a for yes or fox 45b for no. coming up how impootant is the tea partt movement. tuesday elegates give us their insight about theeestaalishment.
7:39 am
we are talking about a lousy ride this morning and it's because of this accident scene on the inner loop lanes traveling thhough catonsville. i will tell you what
7:40 am
7:41 am
evertheless, the northern part of the state s where we expected best chance of a thunddrshower or thunderssorm today. most of the state is staying dry. in fact seeing plenty of sunshine. if we get showers and thunderstorms will be as you we see activity out of the great lakes. righh now at the inner harbor we got 79 degrees. a mild start once againn
7:42 am
same old story, pretty much the same old weather pattern. partly cluey skies, the winns -- cloudy skies ann winds are calm. 22.93 and rising in the barometer but the dew point indicating the moistureein at atmosphere is there. it's dry wwth the sky condition3 but the humidity is still a factor. 77 in d.c. and 75 in salisbury. in hagerstown 71 degrees as the temperature climb toward the low 90s. the showers toward the stationary boundary is going to stay to the north today and that is going to be a steering mechanism with some the thunderstorms that will be moving weet to east. as i said, staying pretty much to the north. the mason dixon line more oo target for a shower or potential thunderstorm later in the afternoon especially as we get toward the warmer part of the state. the stationary boundary will sag to the south. in the meantime we are seeing a chance of a thunderstorm to the west. then the frontal boundary may bring us a little relief by the time we get to thursday. before that we will have to deal
7:43 am
with showers and thunderstorms3 tomorrow. as we get to thursday you see it sag further points south. that brings drier air and less humid for a day or so. that is not going to briig us much ii the way of temperatures because e should be in the low 90s then. the eastern shore with a west in wind at 5-10 milee perrhour and a lot of sunshine there. a mix of suu and clouds for the central part of the state where we get 92 deggees for the high. back to the west a betttr chance offa showerror thunderstorm as 89 degrees for the high temperature there. first pitch temperature at camden yardd, 88 degrees %-partly cloudy skies ould beea few showers around. overnight we drop to 78 degrees, another warm and humid night with still a chance of a scattered shower. high.row 91 degrees for the ú%undeestorm possibilities are there once again. chance.hance with today's 30% 93 degrees on thursday, the day that we think we may get a
7:44 am
little bit of a break from the humidity. as you can see, still hot and 96, iffthat is not hot enough. 98 on saturday with a chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. we can't even rule one out on sunday. 90 degrees for the high. a little bit cooler and 89 on monday with mostly clear skies. let's check on the roadways and see what it looks like. candace dold has a lac look at e traffic edge. in spotlight. it's been a miserable morning for many people. it's because of appear accident on the inner loop lanes at route 40 in catonsville. we want to show you what the area looks like as we look through the area. we opened up two lanes there, but the activity does still remain and you can see it's -oing to be a pretty slow go ttrough the area. you will want to use wooing road as the alternate route. farther back on the beltway, let's check in and see how it's shaping up for frederick road for you this morning. the inner loop lanes no reliif -n sight there. the drivers pretty much sitting
7:45 am
in the traffic moving up toward wilkins avenue and toward frederick road and eventually toward the activity. as for 95, that is looking much better, there'' nothiig to annoy yoo there traveling from thee beltwaa all the way toward the 395 exit near the stadiums. eventually up toward the fort mchenry tunnel nd roseeale as well. on the beltway traveling in baltimooe county at harford road, we have seen our fair share of volume there. let's see how that is shaping up. ttat continues to be the case a slow goofrom harford road toward perring parkway. that is a look at morning travels..3 patrice, back over to you. they're trying to bring slots to maryland to compete with neaaby casiios. could table games be next? we want o know what you think. is keeping gaabling revenueú inntate a good reason to bring
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
while state of officials are still working to bring ii slots to maryland, well established casinos are already up and running all around us. one such location hollywood casino in charles town, west virginia and the owner there upping the anti. table games were insttlled a few weeks ago. and marylanners cross the state lines and take their gambling dollars with them. that brings us to tte question of the day, is installing table games a good reason to keep the money in maryland. ú% good morning. >> what lo do you think? >> i believe it should come to baltimore. the revenue has been cooing in.
7:49 am
we have been losing it for millioon of years going to delaware, virginia and we need it here in baltimore to help ou3 children. >> you think it's likely, though, david. a lot of people say we can't even get up slots and running, ttble games we're way behind. >> we're so far behind in everything, you know. if you look around us as we sit in the middle of basically of all of the other states, everybody eese is up and having everything but baltimore seems to sit behind and wait anddwait. %-lose our revenue.e more we >> david, thank you for calling in. let's go to gordon in bel air and see what he has to say, good morning, gordon. >> good morninn. >> what do you think should we ú%ing table games to maryland in order to keep some of that money in the state. ú%money in maryland, rather than going to delaware and west virginia. >> 40% of marylanders are gging to the other states aad we're losing a lot there it seems. >> yes.
7:50 am
>> let's take a look at facebook page. did he contract wrote in. we had a -- deborah wrote in. and she said i know way too many people who will go elsewhere spending their money when they could be doing it here. >> west virginia and delaware can keep the money aad the crime that comes with casinos..3 >> and she agrees. it's nice to keep the money in maryland, however,,we can't control this thing called crime. why add ffel to the fire. let it stay away from maryland. so far 70% of you say yes, we should bbing table games to maryland and keep the money instate. thank you for your calls. his day on toppchef has come to an end. we talk o timothy deaa about which was harder, competiig n the shoo or running his reetaurant? accused of racism.arty movement two state deleeates re
7:51 am
7:52 am
more car for less money by shopping at carmax. now more than ever the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be.
7:53 am
the tea party is taking some hits. last week the naacp called them -enounce their racist even members of the tea party called the letter racist. delegate kurt anderson and pat mack donmcdonough join us for ts morning. >> delegate mcdonough a lot of controversy going on righttnow. >> itts a great controversy. the naacp has becooe nothinn but a polittcal hacks for thh left wing of the democratic party.
7:54 am
tr r therare there people that e extreme? -es, less than 1% of people who attend this publiccevent, the tea party is for the most part big brother and the big governnent and it's going to grow. i say that inorities are goiig to become a larger part of the tea party in the uture. >> you're saying these are average people but over the weekend mark williams he is a leader tea party and he is the 1 that put out this blog that even -embers of his own group are saying it's racist. some say it's not the elements of it. it's the philosophy of the group. >> it'' not the philosophy. the philosophy of an organizaaion. i have been to scores of tea parties and i spoke at them. and the head is a black times.ú jesse jackson says stupid things every 24 hours, so what?
7:55 am
>> delegate anderson, let me bring you into this. what do you think in terms that a racist fridge. racist and has >> i agree with delegatee3 mcdonouuh in a sense and that is every group probably has a friige or 5 to 10% of the folks that are,,i guess people would consider race it. racistment. racistment. racist. in the past election, when people out there who did not vote for him because he is an african-americann yyu can call these people racist, but he still one. there's racist in the eppblican party nd there's racist in the what is the reaction of that particular party? what do thhy do withhthe person once that person is identified as a racist? i think the tea party have taken proart moves. ú%ey have taken this guy, mark
7:56 am
him they don't want any part of them. they issued statements denouncing that particular racisttletter he sent as well as the things he has been standing for. i think they made their amends. >> beyond the past weekend and whether or not the group is racist, talk about just how relevant the tea party is. that 68% of washington insiders see the group as a fad that at the they will come and go the country. why is there such a huge divide on how people are seeing the tea party. >> tte reason for the disconnect is the reason why the tea party exists. that's their worst nightmare. they don't want the peoole to %-touch.s usual they're out of but tte average america, whether blaak or white, whatever they may be, they understand the country is in trouble and this is the age of super citizen. awakenedded. giant has
7:57 am
doing tt go away. >> whh is there such a huge divide and why is this organization? >> if you live in washington d.c., you are reading our own clippings, but people who live in boise. i hate to agree, with delegatt mcdonough. sometimes he is right..3 a blind acornnfinds a quirrel. the way that taxes have been raised, the fact that the war isn't over, theee's so many things going on while peoplee3 would join a tea party in the first place that i think it's a growing thing, but it probably is a fad that won't be around for another 4 or 5 years. >> we will have to leave it there.
7:58 am
because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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8:00 am
now on fox 45 morning news. live next door to a maryland state trooper, i guess you feel safe. possessing child pornography. %-and why the trooper turneds place your bets. where thousands of marylanders are expected to lay down their money on table games. he had to pack his knifeeand go. baltimore's booted top chef contestanttjoins us livee3 instudio. good morning. it's tuesday, july 20th. that's a pretty shot over the%n.
8:01 am
>> very pretty and it's shaping out up okay out there. it looks on th!! optimistic. >> and it started out hot. >> good morning, i'm patrice her race. >> good morring, i'm megan gilliland anddlet's check in with meteerologist sttve fertig and see what we can expect the rest of the day. probably more north than in we are else. we are starting off warm this morning. baltimore quickly warming up. we should be near 90 degrees by noon. 80 degrees in salisbury and 73 at hagerstown. be hitting 100, but we won't.uld temperaaures hang in the low 90s through the rest of the day. meanwhile we talk about shower chances to the north and ppobably more toward pennsylvania and further points north as the statiooary boundary lies further up toward that area in pennsylvania as you can see hearing the thunderstorms. could still see an isolatedut we chance later. %-even warmer.h and we will feel now for a look at what is
8:02 am
happeniig on the roadd, candace dold is here with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we have been talking about damage on the beltway this morning, an accident on the inner loop lanes at route 40 in %-here. see all of the ctivity now here are two lanes that are getting by, but i can tell you the cooridor is completely clogged moving right near toward all of the activity. outer loop lanes in fact from ride 25 miles per hour. southbounn 95, from the noter ft mchenry tunnel, and 54 miles per hour with a 9 minute clip on tunnel all he way down toward 95. that's a look at your morning travels. patrice, and megan, back overrto you. >thank you, candace. 8:02 on fox 45 mornings news. maryland state trooperrfaces child pornography charges this
8:03 am
morning. baltimore county police arrested 47 years old bruce tucker forr3 possessionnof more than 3,000 images of little boys and girlsú over several months. tucker is 133year veteran with maryland state police and has %-prrtection detail.overnor's detecttves say they recovered a owings mills tucker's >> basically he told ourr3 investigators that he was curious about these images and he had just started casually looking at hese things over the >> baltimore county arrestedew. tucker last friday. this morning he is free on $50,000 bail. he is being ssspended withoot pay. a departteet of natural resources officer is charged with sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl. it's a story you're seeing first on foxx phillip glen bell was arrested
8:04 am
in bedford, pennsylvania. abuse.ú bell has been a dnr officer for less than two years. he patrolled the waters around inner harbor.nty and around the3 >> i gets time like everybody else. >> bell has been suspended without pay by the deparrmenn of natural reeources police. police arrest four morgan state band members for allegedly assaulting a woman.ú the victim said the attack happened a couple of weeks ago at an apartment aaout a mile from campus. police identified the suspects -oth current studeets at morgan and uante green a former student. rrynold james is the former percussion coordinator for the marching band. at this time we re unaware of any additional victims. we would say that if you are familiar with these individuals and you have beee victimized to
8:05 am
contact us. >> the university says they are saddened to learn of the assaults that took place recently alleged lie by two former and two current band members. they go on to say that the university does not tolerate violations of their code of conduct. residents at the ravenwood home could bb feeling the heat today. receive an officiil citation following the aa breakdown..3 150 residents had to be evacuated two weeks ago. the air-conditioning failed and it was four days before the problem was reported to city officials. waifnwooravenwood is expected te cited foo several deficiencies following that incident. the officer who arrrsted a woman who died whiie takinn into custody followed department policy. it happened on eastern boulevard officers tried to arrest 1 year-old mary beth crocker after
8:06 am
she tried to stab thhm ith a pen. cuffed, she stopped breathing and came unresppnsive. officers removed the handcuffs and began cpr but she died a short time later at the hospital. >> people on opposing sides of the slots issue will cooe together today in court, the court of appeals will hear arguments against a group that will bring a casino t arundel mills mmll. a lower court judge said it was not subject to a referendum. if the appeals court agrees, it will clear the way for a slots paalor at he mall. each day hundreds of marylanders cross state of line and take their gambling doolars witt them. now they have mooe choices than ever for ways to use that money3 joel d smith is live aa hollywood casino in charles town, west virginia with results of how the table games rr paying off, how are you doing today, joel. >> reporter: i haven't played
8:07 am
too much. here in charles town, they started a racetrack and added the slots and now it's table games. that's a ood thiig according to the general manager because competition has been ramping up. how are you doing this morninn. ú% very well, joel. >> reporter: when it comes to to table games, you guys finally got that approved. what would have happened if you didn't get hat online. >> obviously nothing good. with all of the competition coming around us, and pennsylvania and delawarr addinn table games, we wanted a full3 compliment of offerings to provide. the wider vaaiety we can provide the wider net we can cast in our marketing. >> reporter: i was talk being about 100,000 that came hereeon the fourth of july, 44% came from maryland. >> we have a red carpet customer service prrgram..3 all we ask for is the facility and the offerings to compete. then it's on us to make sure
8:08 am
ttat we set ourselves apart by service. >> reporter: in the meantimee3 %-much gaming o do, you're okay with that? >> i'm fine with that. >> reporter: they're okay with keeping the competition away a little bit longer as maryland debates how much gaming to bring inmentt in. oneething we know..3 they won't have table gamingú like these. >> one thing that people worry about is the crime that it will bring in.3 are they worried in wwstú virginii. >> reporter: they have had gaming for a long of time. one thing people bring up is crime. they think that extra gaming brings more crime. %-you can go into any gaming gus ti!!gamejurrsddction and find to increase in crime. %-in gaming and around here tte3 jurisdiction, police they agree. >> hey're taking a gamble with
8:09 am
it. winsomeemoney for us..3 >> reporter: okay, you got it. thank you. ctress lindsay lohan is %-she is expected to report to a los angeles jail to begin her 90 day sentence for violattng hee probation for two ui incidents. the ak dress mat actress may no3 too familiarrwith her new wardrobe. she may only serve a minimum sentence because of the city's ocrrwded jail. michelle obama will be at cal den yard!!camden yards o cr fight against obesity. she will go over the initiative %-tonight to throw out the first pitchhat the oriolls race game - orioles-rays game onight. coming up timothy dean joins
8:10 am
us live here in our studio toú >> reporter: i'm emily gracie live at h
8:11 am
it's the boogie wooingy
8:12 am
bow-wow and they're coming to a library near you. meteorologist emily gracie joins us live for this morning's ú%metown hot spot with furry animals. good orning, emily. >> reporter: good morning, guys we're talking about the boogge wooingy bow-wow and that is dancing dogs. what is boogie wooingy bow-wow. >> it's a variety show. they are big advocates ffr reading. we love ttem. ú% get kids to get involved with the stand up teams. we have the wizard of oz and indiana jones they were telling you see, they'rr very interactive and internationally acclaimed. countries and they perform at the nationalltheaterment w thea. >> the best part it's free. very interactive for the kids. what sells is going to be on -- what else is going on here at
8:13 am
the library. they will beer form ag performie ú%ght tree branch. and this is morr of the summer reading whereemore than 72,000 -tudents have signed up. information about thh boogie wooingy bow-wow that is goonn on at libraries. aagood day to plan indoor activities with the kids. the ac ii pumping in here. and possible thunderstorrs, what about the radar right now, steve? -ooking like any thunderstorms >> not too bbd emily. and thunderstorms later in the day. hd radar is on the quiet side3 and you can see for yourself as we pop it up. most of the activity steered to the north though we had a ouple if we get activity around here most of it should steer around the masoo-dixon line. %-case than anywhere else.the
8:14 am
take a look at picture and see where it's coming from. %-stttionary boundary north and 82 degrees, partly cloudy skies, 60% relative humidity aaddthe barometer is on tte rise and he dew point t 62 degrees. 80 in d.c. warming it up all over. 73 in hagerstown. we expect to see us get toward 90 by noon. that will be cl close to the hih for the day. the stationary boundary is going to steer these storms along it. move from west to east along the mechanism which actually a steering mechanic im. the ssationary boondary keeping part. there could be thunderstorm around. %-it like this evening for the best chance as we get toward tte pardowarmest parr of the day.3 and shower aad thunderstormm %-it's in the proximmty of--
8:15 am
maayland before it actually movessfurther points south. that brings drier air for ú%ursday. we get a little relief in terms of the humidityy the temperatures not going to change, we will stay innthe 92 degrees for the eastern high at the ssore. ú%e central part of the state about the same. 92 should do it. to theewest, only a few degrees warmer as we climb to 98 degrees. there the better chance of a showerror thunderstorm closer to front. 88 ddgrees for the temperature in camddn yards. parrly cloudy skies or the orioles-rays game there could bú a shower in spots. 78 degrees overnight as we have %-night.with another warm, umid thunderstormmchances increase a littll bit and 93 degreee on3 thursday, a little bit llss hummd but deffnitely less hot. 96 and 98 your friday and saturday. can't rule out an afternoon or3 late day thunderstorm. 90 degrees on saturday still with a chance of a shower or thunderrtorm.ú and 89 still clear for yourú
8:16 am
monday. let's ee what it ooks like as you head out this morning. candace dold has the traffic edge to let you know. >> reporter: a difficult ride on the beltway this morning. it's not a great morning to be on the west side. it's because of an accident on the inner loop lanes. it's been there ttroughout this entire morring rushhat route 40 in catonsville. i can show you what it looks like right now. can you see two lanes are getting by all of the ctivity there. but unfortunately delays sttll %-so let's see wwat it looks lie farther down on frederick oad for you on the inner loop direction and you can see it's only continues to look like a parrinn lot there as far as we can see from wilkens avenue leading toward all oo the activity. as for the alternate routt, you can use rolllng road, that is backed up as well. it's nnt easy to get around this mooniig. the outer loop lanes are impacted by all of the activity because of the rubbernecking activity. now on 795, it's generally
8:17 am
jammed from owings mills leading all he way down toward the beltway exit. -nd we do have an accident in westminister thaa you need to know about. it's traveling through carroll county this morning. it's a crash that completely shuts down route at kate wagner road. we want o use old westminister3 road as the alternate route. thatts a looo at the morningg3 travels. patrrce, and megan, back over to you. stilllhead, yyu ay have seen him in the hit show top chef. coming up timothy dean joins us to tell us what he enjoyed about the show ask what went wrong -- and whattwent wrong that got him ú%imiiattd? there's so much untapped power on there. linnsay lohan heads to jail 3
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
put your clothes to work3 during your workout. %-trend in total body exercise. we are joined this morning to explain and even show us what the weighted vesss are. good morning, danny. >> good morning. >> i take it this is a weighted vess. >> this is onn of the weighted vests that i came up with that we're using now. this vest can range. there's 20 different pockets and bags worth 1 pound. you can workup to 20 and oncc yyu have gotten to thaa point and fitness level has increased. >> there's even a spot for -ot bad. >> what kind of work are you doing with the vest? >> we're doing a lot of things with it and suspension trainnng, bands that come off--he-wall. >> i saw you bring this.
8:21 am
>> similar to this, exactly. >> we do increase intensity. a lot of times you can see et thhebody doing, lunges, and squats, anything. so we help increase also the weight that you have on here once you get your level up. you're going to feel like squats as well. >> my goodness. >> on top, you're using -- sometimes you will increase tension to make it harder for you for peoppe who have increased the level. what are the benefits of having the wais weights on. does it help with core. >> you get twice the results in half amount of the time. by doing that we increase the tension, increase thh weight, letting your body gee used to one way of motion or one exercise. essentially ii is going to burn for calories and work the muscles harder that way.
8:22 am
>> are there certain exercises you shouldn't do wiih the vest on??3 >> depending oo what the fitness level may be. you definitely want toocheck whoever you're working with to3 make sure you don't have any lower spine conditions because then you don't want to do any jumping or pylo meeric work to compress the spine. >> is 20 the maximum weight. >> 20 is the maximum weight. >> and of course that is what h3 has on. >> if you want to learn more about he vest, go to foxbaltimore.ccm/morning. well, sttll ahead, enjoy a ú%w movie on us. >> coming up your chance to win the hot time machine on dvd. next one oo the ccntest on the hit show.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
in the baltimore area, we all know tiiothy deen. -uu for the last few weeks, the rest of america as gotten to know him as one of the contestants on top chef. after a good run, tim was eliminated last week and he joins us with more on that experience. good morning. >> first of all congratulations i'm sure there was a ton of chefs who wanted to be on that show. >> i believe it was 2 million,
8:26 am
%-that house, all of thooein different chefs. there's a lot of competition gging on? w we were at home. it wasn't competition. -ttwas only when we wereúduringt drinking eating healthy, working out and playing a lot of chess. and mm roommates were allen, angelo and steve. ww were doing a lot of talling and having a good time. >> you had a good time and tte other chefs, what about the judges. i tell you after all the shows, what is it with chef tom, i felt like he had it in with you. >> so did my mom and everybody else. >> my ssue was resume, and eric being on the show that they wanttd to rise abooe everybody else. i look forward to asking him. you should e-mailland ask him. he was a bit harsh with me. >> that's what i thought. did you have much interaction between the takes, to say what
8:27 am
-s going on? >> im being he judge, we only we interact with them. when they were around we weren't allowed to inneract with them.ú deal with on thattshow? the >> believe it or not,,all of these desserts i know how to make but they threw a pie. apple pie it was on the bottomm3 but it was good. otter chefs on that episode, they all deferred tt..3 tim is going to get this one because maryland is known foo crabs. and then they win with asian crabs. >> patrice, i don't know no one in maryland that do asian crabs. we go to a crab house, we do our seasoning, we are prrud of our crabs. i kept the flavors very clean. >> theyydidn't know how, no, but
8:28 am
asian flavor and got immunity. >> is it llke being in a pressure cooker, pardoo the punú or was it nerve-racking or fun. %-my kitchen i'm used with everything is there and grab. ú%e room to gettto the freezer and sprinting across the kitchen to get to heerefrigerator. had a wonderful time. the competition was fierce but i love each and every conteetant that as on there. we still keep in contact. >> there might be a coople of surprises. >> with you? >> we will see. >> we will see. for all of viewers wwo want to taste your food they can come to your steak house. >> you should stop cooking. those. >> all right, coming up it's a problem for ountless people. what causes backkand neck pain ú%d how you can make it top.
8:29 am
and linnsay lohan headed for the big house today. why some believe she still could be success. 8:28 is the ime. you are watching ox 44 mrning news, all local all morning. blah
8:30 am
8:31 am
welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 8:30 is the tiie. good morniig, i'm megan gilliland. meteorologgst steve fertig is -ere with us to let us know what hot nd, the same story >> are you getting used to it? >> i am getting bored. take a look at it's the same deal. we're not talking snow, no, that is for sure. the temperatures up in the 80s at this hour. 73 in hagerstown and as you can -ee, the sky hd radar indicating a couple of showers earlier to the west but they're dissipating as they ove east and driving further north today because of the stationary boundary that will continue to be in the northerly part of the area and what we're looking at for a high temperatuue, abouu 92 degrees, we definitely sse an isolate the shower and thunnerstorm. it will be close to the mason
8:32 am
dixon line. a better chance. let's see what we are loooing at this has been a terribleold. %-new trouble to talk about. hae it's because of an accident on the northbound lanee of 83, approaching timonium road..3 -olice think there's two involving four vehicles each. we will continue to keep you up-to-date as we get more information into our newsroom. as for now,,yorr road is the best option for the alternate route.. we're still deeling witt a heav3 ride on the beetway from 83 up toward 795. right now 12 minutes at 38 mile3 per hour. 34 miles per hour with an 18ú minuteeclii from 95 upward 83. and we're also talking about -elays through baltimore on 5 and the fort mchenlehenry tunnel and 42 miies per hour there. that's a look at morning travels. patricc and megan, back over to
8:33 am
you. 8:32 on fox 45 morning news. while maryland continues to wait for a big gambling pay day its border states are going all inn after a fee weeks of table games coming to charles town, west virginia. the number of marylandersscoming across the state line is stagger. joel d smith took the trip today and joins s live this morning with those numbers. still feeling lucky, joel. >> reporterr i think so. which means i haven't ppayed much. i think i'm technically up a this is a newer aaea attcharles town calling it a hollywood casino. it did a lot things for people in terrs of jobs as welll danielle, how has it been. how busy have you been at the crab table. >> it's been really busy. there's been a lot of people. the tabll has een full. >> reporree: definitely. so where are they coming rom? >> we have aalot of people3 cominggfrom the d.c. area and
8:34 am
baltimore area. >> reporter: got you. what you wereeyou doing before you had this jjb. >> i as taking care of my children. %-to do this. now you're going >> yys. >> reporter: have yyu been a gambler? >> reporter: they redid the entire place. >> they did a lot of thinns in a >> reporter: besides creating jobs t's creating competition. that is what marylaad is trying they will not have the ttble games but they're still coming ú%re in throngs. over the fourrh of julyyweekend, they had 100,000 people here coming by offering the table games. %-well and maryland does considerinn whether or not ton bring the table games. joee d smith, fox 45 morning
8:35 am
news. a pain in thh neck isn't just a saying. it's a way of life for a lost uss back and neck pain are among the most common reasons for doctor3 visits and lost work days. there's hhpe, there's many possible ccuses and treatmmnts and in this morning's yoor health matters. we're joined by dr. and chief of neuro sciences at the marrland hospital, good morning, doctor. >> what are the most common causss of back and neck pain or are they too varied to list? >> i'm sorry..3 repeat the last part. >> are there too many to list them all? >> no, they're not too many. the most common causes of the ú%ck and neck pain is the slippeeddisc as is commonly known or herniated and all the different terms hey use to describe the problems wwth the disc which is a cushion in
8:36 am
the veetebra starting at the neck down to the end. the joints and tte ligaments and then all of these abnormalities and that can cause back pain and armor leg pain as well. so they'reenot a whole lot of ones that everybody is personal. a lot of people suffer from them. have is hhw do i get rid of that pain, becauseeif you have that back or neck ppin, it's unlike some other pains that yoo ave ever felt. >> that is correct.ú it can be quite disabling and as you saii, it's the main cause of docttr visits. one of the major causes of %-but about 80% of people has bn estimated in their lifetime will experience back or neck pain, most of the time it goes away by itself. just a fee days of rest or the and insets or antiinflammatory
8:37 am
medicine. >> are there -- i'm sorry. - just wanted tt ask. a lot of peopll end up getting back surgery. is there conditions or times when the ssrgery is not goiig to help. is it about manlying the pain or solve things wiih surgicaln you procedure. >> the surgical procedure is not the first line of source uuless there's dire circumstances like compression on the spinal cord or the nerve causing a near neurological deficit that you can move in the part of the body %-surgery is never the first lie of treatment. it should be many ooher treatments we can perform. like what? poont?t do you do up to that >> yes, welll if the pain does not seem to a go away, then we treat them with physicalltherapy if that doesn't help then we can
8:38 am
perform some of the pain management procedures. they have injections and ú%rbonation with the phhsical thhrapy. >> a lot of - in combination with the physical therapy. >> a lot of different things. sommbody s having back pain, when do any know, i need to go this is beyond normal. i ssould have this looked at? >> i think it's a good idea that if if the pain persists more than a week, go to see your primary care physician. they may feel if it's aapropriate to refer to you a spine specialist. >> doctor, we appreciaae you3 joining us this morning. we know a lot of people have to deal with this. thank you for that informmtion. >> it's more pleasure. >>if you would like more information, log on too3 matters. working hard for he money, buu how working several hours
8:39 am
could lead to more problems. >> there's so much power. >> plus will see shine again? why some say that lindsay
8:40 am
8:41 am
hopefully the weather is better than that traffic jam right there. no fun. >> problems on 5, a lot of roadways are congested. maybe it's the sun getting in everybody's eyes because there's a lot of that out there. meteorologist steve fertig is here to take a look at the hot, ú%uny forecast. it seems like the heat is jammed and can't get out of herr. we continuu with 90s tooay. hd radar not looking very
8:42 am
active. it's diminishing in strength without the daytime heating that we will have later. a shower or thunderstorm thh northern part of the state where we had earlier today. the bigger picture indicates the -howers dissipating and a source of the shower activiiy in theú great lakes ttat could be bringing us the isolated chance3 to the north especially. llok forrthe temperatures toú climb into the 90s once again. here is where we start the day. point and that is another day that means or annther number very humid again and feeling warmer than the actualú temperatures. %-80 in d.c.changed as we said.3 80 in salisbuuy at this and fee at agerstown heading tooalmostú 90 by noontime. quick warm up and we will stay in the low 90s for the rest of the afttrnoon. here is the ssowers we looked at
8:43 am
earlier. it's staying to tte north because of the stationary boundary stays there asswell. the thunderstorms we're seeeng aae going to probably steer to the east right near thatt3 boundary until we do getú anything once again..3 it looks like it will be in the ú%rttern part of the state near the mason dixon linn. that shower is going to be around 5:00 this afternoon, the possibility of showers returning for this evening. the west and also ven some the %-then the frontal boondaryy3 stationary brownee moves and sags further sooth brinning more chances of showerssand thuudeestorms tomorrow afternoon. it looks like, we get a little bit of a break for the humidity on thurssay as the front continues to sag furtter south. %-90s it looks like for ain the thursday and hrough the rest of the workweek as we look at the rrst of this picture now as we check out whaa is going to happen today in the eastern shore. %-western wind at 5-10 miles per hour. the central part of the state,
8:44 am
92, and mostly sunny skies. if there's an isolated chance -or a thunderstorm during the back to the west more likely as we have seen them theree we're closer to the frontt 88 for theehigh there so not much of a difference. ú%%-see for a temperature startg tonight for camden yards for the a few showers possible then. overnighttwwrm and humid once again. low. as we check out over what is ahead for the next several days. 99 tomorrow, and a better chance of a thunderstorm during the still warm but not quitteas humid. on thursday 93 then. 99 and 99 on your friday and saturday. that is the actual emperatures that we expect not just heet thunderrtorm chance is stiil gging to be with us through friday, saturday and even sunday %-90 degrees on sunday and 89,,3 mostly sunny for monday rounding ouu the seeen-dayyforecast. what about the roadways this how do thhy look as we head on herr is candace dold with the
8:45 am
-raffic edge. >> reporter: i have a feeling that there's a lot of people that are going to be late tt work and it'' because the roadwaas have been a complete headachh. right now we're at 6 mil 6 miler hour travelin!travel through wh. here is what is oing on,, there's doubbe trouble on 83, two accidents on the northbound laaes approocchng timonium road. let's shoo you what theearea looks like there. we have delays stacking up fromú the bbltway all the wwy up toward activity. you will want to use york road as the alternate route. once yoo finallyydo get on the -eltway this morning, it's the very heavy riie moving through pikeville and from stevenson3 rood wrapping down toward eventually up tooard theetriple bridges and throogh catonsville as well. that's all because of n accident on the inner loop lanes. that is at oute 40. two lanes remain blocked at this timee we're dealing with delays from 95 all the way up toward the3 activity there. and speakinn of 95, that's the
8:46 am
way to go this morning. southbound 895. that's at lombard street. that's a look a theevery miserable morning travels. you. coming up at one time she was on the fast track to success. now she is headed toojail. why some feel lindsay lohan will still make a come back. we're running into ourselves. >> plus win a new movie. how can win the 3
8:47 am
8:48 am
actress lindsay lohhn is set to begin serving her 90 day jail
8:49 am
hit a sprrng of bumps, some predict that her career could be headed to new career heights. >> from ourtroom melt down. >> i'm not taking this a joke. >> lindsay lohan's life offscreen has been anything but perfect, out in slapped with a jail sentence. >> the new legal bombshell. >> many wonder if lohan's once ú%st track career can survive this crash. the director says don't write >> there's so much untapped power there. >> matthee wilder says once the smoke clears, lohan's career >> the people who put their -oney redoubled their commitment and called the same day. %-we're not not going to do whaa everybody else. >> reporter: for now that
8:50 am
movie is on hold. >> how crucial is it for you that sheegets ready to work when ú%e is ver with rehab. >> that's what you woull be thiiking about while you're goong through that stuff. you're going to ant to get out and work and get into your life and not kind of stay on tte ssdelines.ú ú% reporrer: besides inferno where ohan plays porn star linda lovely she is attached toú theemachete. but it will takk more than that for the star let to reeain her status as a bankable actress. and they don't want to hhre liabiiities and they want to hire assets.3 right now lindsay is solely a liability. >> reporter: it only takes one hit to have hollywood talking again and pr guru agrees. >> her value as a working actor is not what it was a few years ago, but at the same time she is going to have to take
8:51 am
interesting roles, be critically acclaimed for that aad she can he involve roar. ú% repooter: mean girls may have put lohan on the land but there's plenty of young stars sinking their teett into the competition. >> there's a lot of talent out there. for lindsaa sse needs to step away and ocus on what made her captivating and see if she can bring some of those fans that loved her in the beginning, and see if she can recapture that same time. >> reporter: hile the portrayal of the infamous porn star will www audiences and perhaps silence critics. >> it's like if there's nything good to all of these horrors and troublls. i think it's not the those3 thingssin a horrible way, they makeeyou a better artist. commng up a little hard work can do everrone some good. har!!ut how how much oo much ♪
8:52 am
[ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010.
8:53 am
[ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010.
8:54 am
isswwrking overtime hard on your heart? be hard n your heart. hours may >> it's bad for your heartú according to a recent sttuy.
8:55 am
researchers followed more than 6,000 civil servants with no history of heart trouble for an average of 11 yearss employees who put three hours of overtime a day, weee more likely tt develop heart or have a hearú attack. it leavvs workers with less time promotes greater stress. >> butttheir findings highlight the importance of thrriing toú keep a work like balance. there's ways to keep after your3 hearr while still at wook. like goiin for a briik walk at lunch and taking the stairssvade of hinstead of tte elevator. if you have to put in overtime, don't forget to taae care of your health. coming up enjoy a nnw movie on us. ♪ we're not going tt run into3 ourselves. >> your chance to win a hot tub
8:56 am
time machine on dvd @@@@
8:57 am
8:58 am
>>another hot, humid, ho-h um kind of day. >> another one. >> another one coming your way. that kind of rhymes. 92 for the higg anddthis is an outside chance for a hower or thunderstorm late in the afternoon, a better channe in the evening. more north. a hive of 91, 93 for the high on thursdaa, and the heat is back. friday and saturday. can't rule out a thuuderstorm, 90 on sunday and 89 mmstly ú%nny. 89 unle89 only on monday.ú >> it could be the most absurd
8:59 am
movie premise, a hot tub timee3 thht's not just the title. >> the hot tub takes them back in time. a hot ub machineeis on dvd now. the 4th ann th caller get the movie on blue rey and dvd. we need to talk about whatt3 is happening on the roadways ttis morning. it's been a complete headache. i hate to tell peeple. if you can stay do so. let's takeea live look at the cameras. 895 north of 1955nnar the airport ttat is a mess bbcause ú% an accident on the be beltwa. there's 83 above the bbltwayy

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